Delivery options

For your convenience we offer offer you a range of options on when and how fast you will receive the results of our testing.

By next morning

    Build a version in the evening.

    Observe the testing results
    when you come back to the office
    the next morning

By next week

    Testing results are delivered
    within a timeframe of at least one week
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Payment options

You can choose the payment plan that suits you the most.

Pay per bug

    The client receives a list of found bugs,
    with a detailed list of steps on how to
    reproduce them and screenshots
    and/or screencasts to show the result.


    The bugs are the result of an exeploratory testing session. If the client wants to know how we tested the application he can receive the exploratory notes of the tester.

Pay per test case

    Executing test cases that that are
    provided to us by the client.

    Additionaly we can also design the test cases
    based on a test oracle

    (functional analysis, technical analysis, manual, …)

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